Break Out of the Ballroom!

Having events and meetings in non-traditional spaces is increasingly popular given all the options with the coolest and newest temporary structures – from elaborate tents to funky domes.  AlliedPRA Arizona has created a uniquely wow “pop up venue” that can take place in the midst of the amazing Sonoran desert.

Accessible by 4×4 vehicles, the “Room with a View” themed event causes a stir and a sense of adventure as guests are treated to creature comforts in the great outdoors including five-star dining, a rock and roll tribute band featuring oldie but goodie Johnny Cash tunes, plush leather cigar lounge areas and stylish networking niches, all tucked under the star-filled sky with the best view in town.

“I am constantly awestruck by the beauty and adventure we can offer our clients in this truly incredible destination of Arizona. The best part of my job, however, is working with a team of smart, dynamic women, all leaders in their own right. There is a passion for what we do, what we bring to the table and who we are. I’m part of a great team, a great destination and it just doesn’t get better than this!” commented Pam Navarre, General Manager AlliedPRA Arizona

The timing is still great to soak up the sunshine, so break out of the ballroom and head to the Arizona desert!

Dinner in the Desert - Before and After

Your experience with AlliedPRA Arizona will find you rewarded with unmatched service, dedicated destination management professionals and a truly unforgettable program, leaving you stress free and wanting more.  For the latest trends in themed events and all your destination needs, reach out to the PillowMINT team