“Failte”, or welcome in Gaelic, to Scotland

Scotland is a truly unique destination famous for its breathtaking scenery. It has a rich and vibrant culture where modern chic meets an ancient and proud heritage. It is a land packed with unforgettable moments, where sights, sounds and experiences make any visit truly memorable.

Visitors are certain to be delighted and enchanted in Scotland as they move from bustling city centers to serene glens and world-famous golf courses and visit modern museums, historical monuments, and lochs filled with mystery. Guests are captivated by luxurious city boutique hotels or can be pampered at beautiful country retreats. Dining at the tables of kings and queens on the Royal Yacht Britannia or attending a gala at the iconic Edinburgh Castle allow guests to walk in Royal footsteps. Don’t forget to wear a kilt or attend a “ceilidh” evening to be further immersed in Scotland’s unique and vivid history, passion and mischief…

2bUK customizes each program with consideration for group profile, size and budget, and we deliver them on target. Working with the region’s finest venues and services, our dedication to you will ensure that your guests get the very best from our country and from your program.

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