Event Partners shows you how to jazz up your Event

Celtic Dawn

At the tea/coffee stage of the meal the lights dim, the haunting sounds of ancient Celtic music can be heard echoing in the room.  Some cloaked figures carrying candles move majestically through the crowd.  They form a guard of honour along the long walls of the room as an imposing figure our bodhrán player, enters!

He leaps up onto the centre dining table, surprising the diners. Without saying a word, he starts drumming with increasing intensity and interacts with the audience. During which time some of the cloaked figures have also made their way onto the dining tables.
Then with a loud cry and a commanding strike to the bodhrán the dancers in position on the tables, drop their cloaks and erupted into a spectacular hard shoe acappella performance. This generally results in an immediate outburst of spontaneous applause from an astounded audience! The piece continues with the appearance of a Celtic Warrior Drummer who also takes to a table. There is a trade-off between the bodhrán and the drum. Finally 4 female dancers join the drummer and all 8 dancers and 2 percussionists perform a spectacular hard shoe routine on the guests’ dining tables. A powerful dance off on the tables then ensues, percussion versus dancers in a sensational duel of rhythm, noise and exhilaration! But it doesn’t need to end here!  The dancers then take to the stage where they perform a further 20 min show of rapid footwork, graceful elegance and diverse choreography, culminating in a “Riverdance” style finale.