Guest Post – Risk Mitigation & Choosing the Right DMC Partner

Jeff O’Hara, Managing Director of AlliedPRA New Orleans is our guest contributor today and his article on risk mitigation is well worth the read!

When it comes to Risk Mitigation and choosing the right DMC partner, one of the most important services your DMC partner provides is insurance. Of course, this includes carrying sufficient levels of insurance in-house, and ensuring all suppliers have ample insurance as well. But equally important is the intangible insurance the DMC partner provides. This means having plans and procedures in place to protect our clients’ financial budget, protect the client from service failures in the eyes of the program participants, having the contacts in hand to work miracles when last minute changes occur on-site (for example, your CEO decides at 7 PM on Saturday he wants THIS in the morning meeting!), and having resources and solutions even when the on-site issues are not part of the DMC program scope. This level of support is literally priceless, and only comes from a DMC that has the plans, contacts, knowledge and most important, the CARE to be that solution.

We work with public and private companies on a regular basis, so we are cognizant of the emphasis on risk and exposure. You can count on AlliedPRA to mitigate exposure to risk through a variety of standards and processes:

  • All supplier-partners are rigorously vetted and subject to annual reviews to ensure they meet our high safety and service standards, have minimum levels of insurance and terms of business that are amenable to our clients.
  • Create routings for all transportation moves to ensure efficient and accurate directions; investigate potential street closings, traffic, construction sites, conflicting event permits or weather considerations.
  • Ensure event staff, restaurants and venues follow responsible alcohol consumption policies.
  • AlliedPRA has a thorough Emergency Preparedness & Response Plan and all AlliedPRA staff have been trained on our internal procedures.
  • System-wide tools, checklists and forms built over decades of program experience are used with each event to ensure no detail is overlooked.
  • All staff and supplier-partners are fully briefed on client, program and attendee details and expectations prior to the event.
  • Background checks on employees are completed prior to hire.
  • On-site staff includes those that are CPR certified.
  • We carry over $3 Million in General Liability Insurance including errors and omissions and workers compensation insurance. We provide Additionally Insured coverage to you for the program.
  • We ensure that all suppliers have sufficient insurance for the services they provide, and that AlliedPRA is named as Additionally Insured.

Running a program with AlliedPRA is like buying the additional insurance on a new appliance. It’s a guarantee that every aspect of the program will have the right level of experience, emergency preparedness plans will be in place, external factors that may influence the program will be managed and informed and frequent communication will occur throughout the program.

It is important to have a trusted partner who is well-equipped to alleviate the risks that may occur in a program.

Contact us for more information on our destination partner AlliedPRA for a list of the destinations they operate in throughout the USA.

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