Hyperloop Abu Dhabi Begins Testing

Hyperloop 3

In another pioneering achievement for the UAE, the world’s first commercial hyperloop capsule – a vacuum-tube transport system that will reach speeds of more than 1,000 kilometres per hour – has left its assembly plant in Spain ready for final testing in France.

Designed and built at a cost of $384 million, this supersonic, engineering marvel will carry an estimated 10,000 people per hour in its levitating cabins and is set to make its first journey in 2020.  Back in Abu Dhabi, meanwhile, the first phase of installation is ready to get underway, with the construction of a ten-kilometre-long stretch of track – a project that will eventually connect the city safely and sustainably to Dubai – a journey of 150 kilometres that will take just nine minutes.
The team at Arabian Adventures will keep us posted as construction continues.

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