New Entertainment Acts – United Arab Emirates


The team from Arabian Adventures have been busy looking for some new entertainment acts to enhance your next special event in the UAE! From cultural to sublime – there is always ways to add more atmosphere and memorable moments to your program.

Live Museum

Using the costumes and props surrounding them, this dynamic approach will educate and enlighten the guests of the major values of UAE’s tradition.

Our Live Museum display will take your visitors on a magical journey to the beginnings of the UAE in a unique, memorable way.

A live museum will be set at the venue wherein our Arabic characters will represent boat builders, fishermen, pearl divers, old cook, spice sellers, pottery makers.

These will enlighten the guests by showing the major values of UAE’s tradition. Our Live museum display will take your visitors to its beginnings in the most magical way.

Floating Chandelier dancers

The Floating Chandelier is a totally enchanting new act never before seen in the region. The beautifully choreographed moves catch the light as the artist spins in a truly mesmerising floor show.

Sand Artist

This show is a beautiful and unique display of the UAE! Watch in amazement as a beautiful sand performance unravels and a story is told.

Through the sand, legendary Arabic stories can be told, or the history of Dubai displayed as the sand artist swirls and creates patterns and images with the grains and lights. All fully synchronised to music beautiful, creating a peaceful harmony.

sand artist