Shindagha Museum – Phase One Open


Groups have a new museum to add to their itinerary, where they are able to learn about the rich heritage of the UAE, set in one of the Emirates oldest and most historic neighbourhoods, the ambitious Shindagha Museum has now opened phase one – The Story of the Creek and the Perfume House.

Built across a series of traditional houses and pavilions centred on the former home of visionary leader, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, the museum offers an insight into Emirati culture and allows visitors to experience the heritage, innovations and skills that shaped the region.

The multimedia Story of the Creek, explores the Emirates beginning beside the clear blue waters of the Khor, the Emirati word for waterway – a world of artisans, merchants and the pioneering traders and navigators who first linked the region to the world, alongside deeply personal stories that bring the surrounding neighbourhood to life.

The Perfume House meanwhile, is an aromatic journey through the centuries old art of Emirati perfume making, including the traditional techniques used in its precious essential oils and reveals some of its more unusual ingredients.

Once completed, the complex will be the largest open museum in the city containing seventeen pavilions, including one just for children, and more than fifty priceless collections of historic and cultural artefacts.