The Latest in the Food Scene: Northern California

Over the last few years, the landscape of San Francisco’s food scene has changed dramatically. With its urbane, relaxed atmosphere juxtaposed with the ever-booming tech industry, San Francisco has had a lot of inspiration to draw upon for new culinary ventures. The personality of our destination really shines through these three hot spots from AlliedPRA Northern California.

Our Top Picks

At the top of our list is Mister Jiu’s, a new classic in the city. Situated in Chinatown, this restaurant now occupies the building that was once a Chinatown landmark, Four Seas. With high-end style and a menu of Chinese dishes for the California palette, it is no wonder that Mister Jiu’s is becoming a staple for visitors. It helps that owner and executive chef, Brandon Jew, recently won Chef of the Year in San Francisco Magazine – an honor he definitely deserved!

Next on our culinary journey through San Francisco, we have Quince, located in Jackson Square outside of the Financial District. A brick wall backdrop and glowing chandeliers set the mood of your meal. Quince prefers a tasting menu that is entirely seasonal and inspired by French and Italian cuisine. Further, Quince recently renovated and their private dining space gives guests a relaxed, intimate dining experience. AlliedPRA Northern California has worked with Quince to create a magical night for our guests, enjoying the menu that Chef Michael Tusk created with seasonal produce.

Finally, we end our tour in Russian Hill at Lord Stanley, which has the bragging rights of a Michelin Star under its belt. An upscale-casual dining experience, their menu is at once refined, yet relaxed. Lord Stanley is the epitome of what NorCal’s restaurant scene’s future looks like. It has critically-acclaimed menus, seasonally-conscious ingredients, and European-inspired dishes that are never fussy, yet always delicious. Further, Bon Appetit named Lord Stanley one of the Best New Restaurants of 2016.


Mister Jiu’s, Quince, and Lord Stanley are just a sampling of what San Francisco has to offer. To really experience the culinary essence of the city, you’ll have to visit. Let AlliedPRA Northern California be your guides through the Bay Area for your next event!